Saturday, August 16, 2008

30 December, 2008

As of 12/30/08 La Hija and I will be living in El Savador with El Capitán. I spoke with the fine folks at the Salvadoran Consulate in Chicago and they set my mind at ease. I had been reading too much about what other people claim their requirements were for residency, which were in conflict with what El Capitán was told at Dirección General de Migración. Basically, they just said "come here and we'll deal with it then," which made me (understandably) nervous. After all of this time apart, the last thing I wanted to deal with is not having some paperwork go through as planned, but the woman at the consulate explained how it would work, so I've got a game plan now.

Otherwise, it's just a waiting game right now. Packing and prepping and getting more and more excited each day.