Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Should Be Working, But...

I am so preoccupied these days. I am here at school and I should be correcting papers, but I need a break to (hopefully) get a bit more focused. At the end of the day yesterday, Mi Amor called me and said, "I need to talk with you about something very seriously right now..." and my heart sank. I'll admit it: we are so close to finally making this move a reality (it's been two years coming--since La Hija was a mere 4 months old!) that part of me is waiting for something to happen to make it impossible. It's not a healthy way to think, and by no means is this a nagging concern, but when he says things like that my entire body tightens in anticipation of the rug being yanked out from under our dreams.

"Te amo mucho," he says.

As much as I dislike that moment of anxiety, a phonecall like that will make my day.


Steve Cotton said...

Great tale -- told well.

aighmeigh said...

Thank you so much. :D