Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things are coming together...

I had to take a break from the blogosphere for a while... all the politics were beginning to wear down on my delicate sensibilities. I get really emotional about some things, and the state of the world that we live in is definitely one of them. Discord hurts me more than it should. I can deal with conflict and certainly love a good debate, but when there is hatred involved I don't do well.

Anyway, I'm glad the intensity has turned down a bit. Now I just need to stop reading things I know will rile me up, like Internet commentary on the election results. I am appalled at the lack of basic respect people can have for each other. Seriously.

So things are smoothing out with the move, slowly but surely. Mi Amor got us a new house in the city I wanted to live in!! It's got 4 bedrooms, 3 of which have bathrooms, which is excellent since we will have some of his friends/employees living with us for the time being. I have mixed feelings about it but got used to living with people during my college years so I can learn to deal with it again, I hope. The main thing I require (and I've said this) is that there are established boundaries and that we have some private space. Of course, Mi Amor has thought about this and actually laughed when I brought it up. "You're my wife! Of course we are going to have some privacy!!" he said. We'll deal with it as it comes. Right now, the most important things to me are that we are together and that we are saving money in every way possible. I don't want to rent forever.

My mom is coming for a short visit on Monday, which is very cool. There was a questions of whether or not she'd come down and I was very upset by that. She lives in The Netherlands at present and I was having a really hard time with the thought that she would be an 8 hr drive away for 10 days but wouldn't come to see me... especially since it was my birthday a few days ago and I was feeling that ache of loneliness that always seems to rear its ugly head around special occasions.

Basically, I moved to this small Indiana city (town) to be closer to my mom but her husband got a European job transfer a year ago. So, for about a year now I've been pretty isolated and without any sort of family support--my nearest family member is a 4 1/2 hr drive away. My parents have some friends who would help me in an emergency, and I have made a few very close friends here, but they are few and far between. It has been a serious lesson in self-sufficiency and I have learned what I am made of.

So tomorrow I am packing more and putting some stuff together which I hope to talk my mom into bringing back to Michigan for me. I really need some more space in this little hole of an apartment. It's getting a bit too crowded in here for me!


Steve Cotton said...

Like you, I am amazed at the amount of bile that seems to show up in political discussions -- and it always flows from both sides. I guess that is what keeps it going. Hatred reflecting hatred -- the very essence of our worst natures.

We have now had 16 years of politics designed to divide on both sides. But like a lot of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, I hope we can find a place to share goals and to civilly diagree about means to get there.

Nice to hear that you will soon see your Mom.

Kadmiel said...

every year they say theyare going to "work" together yet every year seems like they move further and further apart. its a never ending story ..

aighmeigh said...

Steve and Kadmiel, I wish we could find a way to share some goals as well... I guess the thing that has always confused me is that there are some basic ideals held by all major religions (The Golden Rule, Loving Thy Neighbor, the value of honesty, etc.) but we can't even seem to agree to actually hold ourselves up to these standards... even when we hold others up to them. Of course, this is my cynical side talking and I know there are many, many people in this world who are good to other people--and you are wonderful examples of this--but I guess I just don't get it. It seems like it should just be so much easier for everyone to find a common ground... I've never understood the human tendency to find reasons to push people away because of their "otherness" rather than to find our commonalities. It may sound like I don't, but I do have faith that people will overcome this. I just hope it's sooner rather than later :)