Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, after all of that chaos, I ended up having something called Fifth Disease, a harmless (yet uncomfortable) childhood illness which I probably got from subbing. I'd never even heard of it before! I wasn't really sure that it was really what I had until La Hija came down with it the week before her birthday. The rash looked so horrible on her, but it really didn't seem to bother her. It was odd though, because she didn't get the rash until a week after she'd had the fever, while my fever broke and the next day I had the rash. Both of us got over the rash pretty quickly.

Mi Amor got a new job welding on a boat. He is at sea for long periods of time (we're talking months here) so it is extremely hard not talking to him frequently. I've been tossing around the idea of going to El Salvador again sooner rather than later because I am having such a hard time adjusting, but it's something we need to have a talk about. There's so much I'd need to consider.

I've been subbing a lot lately but that work is going to dry up soon so I've been applying for new jobs daily. I'm keeping the faith that something will come along... things always work out.

We had a Chuck E. Cheese b-day party for La Hija and she loved it. It's so amazing to me that she's 3 already. How time flies.


Steve Cotton said...

Good to see you back online. And I am glad to hear you are feeling better. You have been in my prayers.

Laner said...

Crazy! I had never heard of that until my friend's son (he's four) got it just a couple months ago, so she had to keep her son away from me, since it can be harmful to fetuses. He got this really bad rash all over his body with a fever, just like you guys. I am glad you are feeling better. I'll be thinking about you in your job search!

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

So good to hear from you again. I've been wondering what you've been up to. Take care.

Kathleen said...

You know, if it were me, I wouldn't go to El Salvador when my husband wasn't going to be home for months. At least in the US, you have resources and you speak the language well enough to figure out all the little peculiarities of whatever life sends your way. In El Salvador, things like LAWS are a little different and, if they are anything like Peru, things change pretty quickly and without much warning at all. Just sayin', you know. Even now, after living and working here for about 3 years, I'd still go home if my husband wasn't going to be around for months.

mydearlizzy said...

Thanks for the update, aighmeigh. I've been thinking about you.

I agree with Kathleen. Life would be unbearable to me if my husband were not around, and a lot more frightening. I would think it over if I were you. Central American people (and I speak because I grew up in Honduras) place women who live alone in a different category, and as a foreigner and an American I fear you could be in a vulnerable position.

So does this mean your husband has put the business on hold?

Honduras Sprout said...

What a crazy thing to have to deal with. But I'm glad that it was all harmless. I'm sure it was exhausting to have to deal with.

I agree with the other comments that you should make sure to think about every angle when considering going back while your husband is away. Do you have family/friends that could look out for you? I could do it for short periods of time, maybe up to a month, but I have resources now in place that would look out for me and help me if needed.

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I loved 3 with my son and am almost sad that he is turning 4 next week.