Monday, July 6, 2009

One month...

It was one month ago today... four weeks as of Saturday--but who's counting?

I am.

Te amo siempre, Mi Amor. Te amo mas de la que tu sabes.


Cindy in California said...

Of course you are counting. I am sure he is a part of every second of your life...especially now.

I pray that you continue to be able to move forward, grieve the love of your life, make a life for your daughter, keep your connections with your family in El Salvador, as difficult as it all may be.

I hope you cherish your memories in your heart forever!

You are in my prayers.

Miss M said...

I read your blog here and there. I admit I am not a regular reader, but pass through and have never commented until now. I don't know the pain you have gone through, but I can empathize. Love for me has always been fickle, I never trusted men for reasons known to me, but I was always told when you have it, don't let it go, hold on.

Reading your story and what has happened to you, my heart goes out and aches for your loss. Your love sounds beautiful, the kind of love I aspire to find some day. And to know you were and are still loved just as equally or even infinitely more, is a blessing. Tu hija is proof of that testament.

Take care of yourself, and tu hija. Be blessed.


aighmeigh said...

Cindy, thank you... I am trying so hard to stay positive, especially for La Hija. I am determined to help her keep her memories of him and focus on the happy days they had together, rather than losing him. The quiet times are difficult, but I expect it will be that way for a while.

Miss M, thank you for your words and for stopping by here. We had a wonderful relationship, not without its problems, but no relationship ever is. I think the most important aspect of our relationship was the fact that we both put our family first and loved each other with equal intensity. No relationship is perfect to those on the outside, but I wouldn't have changed a thing about him, and we accepted and loved each other with faults and all. I was truly blessed for that. One of these days I'm sure you will find someone who can be a friend, a mate, and a partner... and for sure, when you find that, hang on to it with all your might. Take care!