Sunday, January 25, 2009

The next major task

We are headed back to the US on Tuesday morning, so I've got a bit of work ahead of me. Mostly, I need to figure out what essentials I need to bring with us so that we can have what we need and still have plenty of room in our suitcases to bring more stuff back with us upon our return. I also have to get boxes together to pack up La Hija's toys so that they don't get too dirty in the coming months.

I've started packing what I know I'll need: my work clothes and shoes, as well as La Hija's long pants and sneakers. I want to bring back as little as possible.

This trip back is so interesting because Mi Amor and I have completely changed roles. Upon prior departures, Mi Amor was always the one in need of reassurance. I was always the one saying, "We'll be back in May... it'll go by fast!" This time around, I'm the one needing to hear that this will only be a short trip home. Mi Amor is confident that we can come back by May, and I truly hope he's right. In the meantime, I'm just going to do whatever I can to bring as many positive things out of this situation as possible. At the very least, I plan to make some money, spend some time with the family, work on getting my teaching license and start formulating a TOEFL curriculum for my return.

Incidentally, the new English school I wrote of previously is very literally new. In fact, they haven't even started hiring teachers yet. I will be sending them a resume in the hopes of having something, even a part-time something, do to if we are still located here upon our return.

We are taking a rather strange flight this time around. We are first flying to Managua, then to the US. There is a mere 30 minutes between when our flight is to land in Managua and when our flight to the US departs, so there is a chance we'll be spending some time there. Gotta love adventures. I'm trying not to worry about what will happen if we are stranded in Nicaragua for a night... we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


Steve Cotton said...

Here's a deal. I am heading to Mexico in May; you are returning to El Salvador in May. You work on your teaching certificate; I will work on my Spanish.

Kadmiel said...

I do hope and pray for a swift trip home with not too much adventure we all would like you home safe :).. I hope your trip goes smoothly and remember to bring some pollo compero back to your family so they can taste re el salvadoran pollo ;)

chicadedios25 said...

I will keep you and your trip in my prayers.

I hope everything works out well and you get that job!

aighmeigh said...

Steve, trato hecho!! :D

Kadmiel, I was trying to decide if I was going to be a true Salvadoreña and pick up Pollo Campero at the airport... and decided it needed to be done! My mom thinks it's delicious :)

Chica, thank you so much! I just applied for 6 more jobs today :)