Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, we are back in the frigid north... and I am here with very mixed feelings. Certainly, I am happy to be with people I love and who care enough for us in return to take us in during our time of need. I also know this was the best thing for our family. I am, however, seriously lamenting the fact that this had to happen in the first place. I want to be home and La Hija, while very excited to be with her Nuhnuh, keeps saying she wants to go home to El Salvador.

I had to buy some warm clothes yesterday, as I was seriously lacking in that department. I've got a ton of work clothes (definitely a good thing) but not so many items of casual winter clothes. Indiana was not as cold as Michigan.

Mi Amor is in the middle of working a 2 week long festival, and I really hope it is going well. We are hoping this will give him the financial leg up he needs to get ready to relocate, and the relocation will allow us to return much more quickly.

In the meantime, I'm applying for jobs and hope to be able to get out to campus today to get info on when I can start school.

In other news, there is an 80 degree difference between here and El Salvador.

I am cold.


Kristen said...

And where are you planning to matriculate?

Kadmiel said...

Brrr is right.. you can keep the cold .. i think ill stay here where it is nice and warm.. But you will be back soon just keep your head high and your spirits up and know that god has his place for you too..

aighmeigh said...

Kris, going with the online program offered by Univ. of Phoenix. It'll certify me to teach in Arizona, but I can transfer the certificate wherever I need to if I want to teach in the US... and I don't think it matter where I'm certified if I'm teaching in El Salvador! And I'll call you (and your mom) this week--I promise! :)

Kadmiel--I certainly miss the heat. I'd finally gotten used to it and had gotten to the point that I didn't feel like I was melting each time I got in the sun. I am looking forward to returning more than I can say and have the utmost faith that it will happen relatively quickly! :)