Saturday, October 18, 2008

Change is a Threat...

...and boy does it bring out the ugly in the world.

As if Obama's popularity in the polls didn't cause enough of the American racists out there to tear off their PC muzzles and begin spewing their rhetoric of ignorance and hate for the whole world to see... as if the possibility of "One of Them" in power wasn't spurring enough of an upsurge of frightening public (re)actions... the sickness seems to be spreading worldwide.

Evidently, it's not even safe to wear an Obama t-shirt these days--even in the UK.


chicadedios25 said...

I am not an Obama fan but that is what makes this country great - that we can have a voice. Why attack Obama followers? Just get out to the polls and vote.

Kristen said...

I am honestly baffled at people who speak and think like this, but believe it's actually more prevalent than we even can imagine.

I am so, so nervous for November 4th. I feel a little helpless, living in such a blue state, but will continue to pray!

aighmeigh said...

Chica, I agree. I've got respect for people who don't share my political views and can certainly agree to disagree, as long as they're respectful in return! We're all allowed our own opinions! That's what worries me about the upcoming elections in El Salvador. Although I obviously have my opinions, the most important thing to me is that the people have the ability to elect the candidate they feel will do the best job, not the candidate who another country coerces them into electing.

Kristen, I hear ya... and no matter what the polls say now, you never know what's going to happen. Think about the Gore/Bush election! As far as the prevalence of ignorant bigots in this country, I always try to talk myself into believing it's getting better, but something always happens to pull the rug out from under me just as I get started. Oh well. I'm destined to be cynical forever! ;)