Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bit of business: Done.

So there was one last bit of serious business that needed to be taken care of before our departure for El Salvador: registering La Hija's birth with the Salvadoran consulate to get her birth certificate. Yes, this is certainly something that we could have accomplished in El Salvador, but Mi Amor was under the impression that it would take multiple visits to municipal offices there, whereas all it took (after I finally got copies of Mi Amor's identification papers from El Salvador) was a phone call, a fax, $15 and a letter here.

...and I had to decipher a Spanish form that didn't always make sense, but then again, what government forms do make sense -- regardless of language??

So, soon enough La Hija will be a dual citizen. Then, all we have to do is deal with getting residency papers for me, and that can't be done until I'm there... so, one less thing to worry about.

19 days until El Salvador!


Kathleen said...

Be sure you keep your daughter's US passport safe. If you decide to visit your parents, it will make things so much easier. And please don't give up yours too quickly, either. It's harder and harder to gain entrance into the US for foreigners and you don't want to lose contact with your own family. Plus the fact that it's nice to know that when things in El Salvador get to be just a little too much (and they will from time to time, trust me on this), you can go home for a bit to get your head on straight again.

aighmeigh said...

they say "great minds think alike" and this seems to fit that saying well :) honestly, i have no intention of giving up my or my daughter's US passport... and any future children will be registered with the embassy and given US passports immediately!! i think that being raised in el salvador will be valuable for La Hija (and any future children) but i fully expect they will (and should) take advantage of citizenship in their college years.

incidentally, i already have a trip back to the US planned for next summer... i'm trying not to kid myself about the fact that i'm going to get homesick ;)

there actually may be a point when we try to come back to the US as a family... the idea being it's supposedly easier for that to happen when there's an american in el salvador, rather than when there's someone applying for a visa from america... who knows... we'll see how i adjust! :)

Kadmiel said...

Your conversation reminds me of a great quote i once heard :) just keep moveing and happiness will find you..

The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.

Steve Cotton said...

Under two weeks now! Soon to be there.

aighmeigh said...

Kadmiel and Steve, I can't believe how quickly our departure date is approaching! I can't wait! :D