Sunday, December 7, 2008

Clinging to my sanity

I guess this is an addendum to my last post, but it's something I think I'll be writing about more often, so I'm giving it it's very own post.

Throughout my years on this earth, I have done many things to help alleviate stress... some more healthy than others. Lately, my outlet of choice has been cooking, and I've been reminded of how much I enjoy it. I haven't done it as much as I'd like over the past two years, because I'm often the only one around to eat it. Lately, I've taken to bringing cartons of food to work for coworkers because I just can't eat the same things over and over again and I enjoy the act of cooking too much to stop.

Before Thanksgiving, I made Blueberry Cranberry Apple Butter for holiday gifts... then I realized I've got some folks in my life with some special dietary needs, so over the weekend I made two versions of some Four Berry Apple Butter (blueberry, cranberry, blackberry and raspberry) for those folks.

Then I made some Chicken and Dumplings for dinner tonight.... oh my YUM!!!! I hadn't had it in forever and it was amazing... good thing too since I've got 4 meals worth of leftovers.

I'm making a pork roast this week since I have one sitting in my freezer.

I've got a ton of other things to make over these next two weeks too... just to get rid of the perishables. I'll likely be bringing some stuff over to my neighbor too. She's on a fixed income and still feeds her grandson (who works but won't buy her any groceries for some reason) on a daily basis, so she can definitely use some extra food now and then.


Steve Cotton said...

The positive side is that all of these "symptoms" are merely steps to being reunited with your husband om a mere three weeks.

Kristen said...

Will you send me the recipe for Chicken & Dumplings?

aighmeigh said...

Steve, I know... and I'm still kind of having a hard time believing it!! All of us are too excited for words!! :D

Kris, I don't have a real recipe, but I posted an approximation on Livejournal that went something like this:

roast a chicken or pick up a pre-done rotisserie bird and take off the meat, shredding or cutting it into bite-size pieces. In a large pot, make a roux (I did 2 T butter and 2 T flour, cooked until light brown) and add a box (1 qt) of chicken stock, stirring until thickened. Add 1/4 cup of heavy cream and stir through. Add chicken and a bag of frozen mixed veggies (I went the peas, carrots, green beans, lima beans route and I added extra carrots cos I had them). While letting that simmer, follow the dumplings recipe on a bisquick box (2 1/4 c bisquick and 2/3 c milk, mixed until a soft dough is formed). Drop about 10 dumplings by spoon into the simmering liquid, lower the heat and cook for 10 minutes. Cover and cook for 10 more minutes.